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Soil temperature monitoring for agriculture – COMETEO Radiation Shield with GSM datalogger

Complete solution for remote monitoring of soil and ambient temperature.

MOBILE GSM Datalogger measures and records temeprature of soil with stick-in probe and ambient temperature with probe placed inside of COMETEO.

COMETEO multiplate radiation shield is used to protect measuring devices and provides more accurate measurment results. The shield minimizes radiation reaching the sensor, minimizes radiation absorbed by the shield and maximizes ambient air flow around the sensor. The enlarged top plate „cap“ is 210mm in diameter and designed to provide shade for high solar angles for lower plates and also for full protection of measuring device placed underneath.


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TEMPERATURE SENSOR - external probe for ambient measurement

Measuring range -30 to +80 °C
Accuracy ±0.4°C
Cable length 25 cm

TEMPERATURE SENSOR - external probe for soil temperature measurement

Measuring range -30 to +250 °C
Accuracy ±0.4°C
Cable length 2 meters


Memory 500,000 values in noncyclic logging mode; 350,000 values in cyclic record mode
Recording interval adjustable from 10 s to 24 h
Power battery SONY LiIon 5200mAh


Dimension 220 mm (diameter), 250 mm (height)
Weight approx. 900 g
Material ASA - UV stabilized, antistatic


Operating temperature -30 to +80 °C
Operating humidity 0 až 100 %RH
Protection class IP67


COMETEO is made of ASA plastic which is resistance to mechanical damage and UV radiation. ABS plastic is very stable over time.
GSM Datalogger is entirely protected inside the radiation shield by maximized top cover area which provides advanced weather protection.
COMETEO along with the GSM datalogger offers a unique opportunity to measure soil and air temperature under extreme conditions with remote data readout. It is a completely autonomous solution that measures, stores values in memory, or sends data to a central database or cloud. The upper and lower limit can be set for each of the four measuring channels. In case of exceeding these limits the GSM datalogger sends text about critical information. Users may also be informed of a device malfunction, battery condition, memory or external power failure.

Our solution can be used in agriculture, horticulture and forestry - monitoring the conditions of growth in the field, greenhouse, growth chambers and other places where it is important to monitor the temperature.

In our wide product range you can find other instruments for measuring quantities such as relative humidity, dew point, CO2 and atmospheric pressure. Other manufacturers' sensors with proper output are also supported.