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CO2-transmitter och regulator med extern sensor och RS485

CO2-transmitter med extern givare, två reläutgångar för reglering eller larm samt RS485-utgång för seriell kommunikation.

The device is supplied with CO2 probe with 1m cable. Cable lengths 2 or 4 meters available optionally.

Green LED shines - CO2 concentration 0 to 1000 ppm

Yellow LED shines - CO2 concentration 1001 to 1200 ppm

Red LED shines - CO2 concentration 1201 ppm and more


  • Art nr
  • Garanti
    3 År

Tekniska specifikationer


Max spänning och ström för reläkontakter 50V, 2A, 60VA
Ljudsignal vid larm inbyggd beeper
Mätområde 0 till 10000ppm
Noggrannhet ±(100ppm +5% av avläst värde) vid 25°C och 1013hPa
Drifttemperatur -30 till +60°C
Mätintervall CO2 15s
Kommunikationsprotokoll ModBus RTU eller Advantech ADAM
Kommunkationshastighet 110 till 115200 Bd
Kapslingsklass IP65
Spänningsmatning 9-30Vdc, förbrukning ca 1W
Dimensioner 136 x 150 x 45 mm (B x H x D)
Vikt ca 360g
Garanti 3 år



Aplikace - Sklady

Production facilities and warehouses - Monitoring of storage conditions and production processes in the temperature range -200 ° C to + 600 ° C.

Aplikace - Serverovny a datová centra

Metrology - COMET sensors together with COMET radiationshields are the ideal basis for weather stations for long-term weather, climate and air monitoring.

Aplikace - Zdravotnictví a laboratoře

Healtcare and laboratories - -200 °C.

Aplikace - Průmysl

Industry and production - monitoring temperature and humidity in food, pharmaceutical, aerospace etc.

Aplikace - Sklady

Food industry - Monitoring of critical processes according to the HACCP standard with the possibility of prompt notification of unforeseen events that could lead to the degradation of the goods.

Aplikace - Sklady

Building management - Our instruments which measure temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and CO2 are an integral part of these industry-leading solutions.


Features description:

* the features may vary depending on the device type
● accurate measurement of Temperature, Relative humidity, Dew point, Atmospheric pressure, CO2, Two-state events
● industrial or interior design with protection up to IP65
● integrated sensors, external probe, duct mount design
● relays output 250Vac / 8A or 50 V on selected models
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