Did you know that Comet exists in a US version as well?
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PTS350A Ytgivare för temperatur Pt1000, 2 m kabel och ELKA-kontakt

Yt-temperaturgivare Pt1000 med kabel.

Ytgivare för mätning av temperatur på rör och plana ytor, mätområde -30 till +130°C.

Med kontakdon typ ELKA som passar COMETs batteridrivna dataloggrar.

Kapslingsklass IP65.

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Tekniska specifikationer




Measuring range -30 to +130 °C
Accuracy ± (0.15 + 0.002 t) at °C
Accuracy class A
Time response t0.5 <13 s (on the smooth surface without paste)
Type of sensing element Pt1000
Temperature coefficient 3850 ppm / °C


Wire connection 2-wire connection
Metal housing material brass
Protective housing material POLYAMID
Dimensions of the case 40 x 13 x 12 mm
Material of fastening tape / closure stainless steel / galvanized steel
Fastening tabe length 40 cm
Minimal diameter of pipe 20 mm
Lead-in cable silicone shielded
Length of lead-in cable 2 meters
Connector ELKA
IP protection IP65
Warranty 30 months