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Remote and real time avalanche monitoring with Wi-Fi


Žiarska dolina in Tatra Mountains (Slovakia) is one of the most avalanche prone locations in the Carpathian mountain range. The avalanches frequently pass over the road and threat the visitors and mountain cabins. All types of the avalanche were observed, falling from the massif of Príslop.

Careful monitoring is crucial in case of possible evacuations. Therefore the system capable to monitor the slopes in real time was installed. The system uses HD camera and streams the video directly to the Avalanche Prevention Center. Several temperature loggers were placed in the slope to monitor the air and snow/ground interface temperatures.

The goal is to record an avalanche activity and measure the temperatures for eventual cold or warm glide avalanches. In the season of 2012/2013 several avalanches were recorded.

The Case study for International Snow Science Workshop Grenoble – Chamonix Mont-Blanc - 2013


Tatra Mountains

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S3121 S3120

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Centre of Avalanche prevention, Mountain Rescue Service - Jasna



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